The Family


Our History

Our wines talk about people as well as places, talk about a family that has been in the wine world for two generations and that renews its passion every day in the vineyards.

Sons of Stefano Chioccioli, one of the most respected and award-winning winemakers in the world, Niccolò and Enrico Chioccioli Altadonna are young players of the pursuit of Italian wine high quality. Their project was born from an idea, a desire of the two brothers to “return to the soil” with their own hands and create a product that is bearer of Tuscany in the world.

Under the careful guidance of their father they follow and realize firsthand all stages of production, from the vineyard to the cellar, bringing inside the bottle the craftsmanship of a product of election, expression of an area partucularly suited to excellence.
Enrico Chioccioli Altadonna

Enrico Chioccioli Altadonna

Graduated cum laude in Law at the Catholic University of Milan, Enrico has in the wine’s world his deepest passion . “Life has given me to choose between head and heart : the head opened me to the world of law , my heart brought me back among the vineyards of our land”.
Sommelier and authentic wine enthusiast, actively participates in the project with his older brother Niccolò, in a production that is literally "hand-made".
Enrico, an art and design lover, in particular also follows the aspects of the graphics and packaging of the product and, along with his brother, he’s an ambassador for Chioccioli Agricola in all of its markets.
Niccolo' Chioccioli Altadonna

Niccolò Chioccioli Altadonna

Niccolò, the second generation of winemakers in the Chioccioli’s house, embodies the family passion for great wine. Graduated in the same University of the father, who thaught him knowledge and sensitivity for wine.

“It was my father who stimulated my curiosity to encourage me to try and distinguish between the multitudes of flavors and aromas of the Italian grapes, to recognize qualities and defects of each wine.

He taught me what are the elements needed to understand and make a great wine: structure, character, strong identity, balance and elegance”. Niccolò Chioccioli Altadonna completely manages the Tuscany estate joined by his brother, controlling personally the production of wine in all its phases until bottling.

Ginevra Chioccioli Altadonna

Ginevra Chioccioli Altadonna

Ginevra, studentessa universitaria in Biologia è entrata in azienda al compimento della maggiore età.
Collabora con i fratelli Niccolò ed Enrico ad ogni progetto aziendale e svolge part time attività di Costumer Service.
Stefano Chioccioli

Stefano Chioccioli

Stefano Chioccioli , internationally famous and respected oenologist and agronomist for over 25 years has been working for prestigious companies in Italy, France and Hungary. The wines he signed during his consulting activities have won many awards such as : over 100 wines with three glasses on Gambero Rosso guide , many 92 , 93 , 94 , 95 , 96 , 97 , 98 points in magazines Wine Spectator , Wine Enthusiast , Wine Advocate, up to the 100/100 awarded by both Robert Parker and Wine Spectator.
He is a member of numerous organizations dedicated to viticulture and oenology and various committees of taste . In the last years, he consults for his sons' estate too, where he works at their side, especially with his son Niccolò, in the production of wines of excellence with the Chioccioli Altadonna brand.

Anna Altadonna

Anna Altadonna

Anna Altadonna, cheerful and positive, besides lending her name to the company, also embodies its most heartfelt spirit. As sincere as the wines created by her husband Stefano Chioccioli, Anna plays a fundamental role as a go-between for the company and its clients, understanding their needs in order to guarantee a service in keeping with the high quality of the product and its image: "Respect for tradition and attention to the market has guided us to the creation of a company image that is simple and refined, which reflects who we are".